After an hour and a half security line, an hour delay, and an eight hour plane ride… I have arrived in Dublin, Ireland! It is day 3 and I have already had many adventures. Day 1 consisted of waiting at the airport for everyone to arrive (I was the first to get here) and then touring UCD. Going from a campus that takes 5 minutes to walk across to a campus that is over a mile long was quite the adjustment! Campus is absolutely beautiful with all the lakes and nature paths they have. I wish UIC had more green!

Day 2 was my favorite day thus far. It started off by meeting my professor at 9am to go grocery shopping. What was supposed to be a 15 minute walk to the store, turned into us going over 3 miles too far and walking for over an hour. After deciding we should turn on our data and look at where we were, we had realized we should probably turn around. I should mention this was all uphill…. I got quite the workout in for it being so early! We got back to the dorms nearly 2 and a half hours later and had to get ready to turn right back around and go downtown. We all went downtown and met our fabulous tour guide, Garvan! We did a 3 hour walking tour and learned a lot about Dublin and Ireland. We even took shots of raw milk during the tour! I could probably talk forever about this tour, but I don’t want to bore anyone. After the tour, we went to our first pub, The Porter House Brewing Company. We then continued to the Arlington Hotel where we had dinner and then saw a show full of Irish music and dancing. I was sitting only an inch away from the stage and it was incredible to see the dancers so close and how fast they move their feet!

After finally being able to sleep, day 3 had begun. Jenny and I decided to try out the gym and work out. Little did we know there would be a competition going on in the gym below. The competition was a mix of dancing, gymnastics, and stunting. It was crazy, but amazing! We ended up spending half the time working out and the other half watching the show. We then came back and rested until dinner time. We went to a little place between downtown and UCD called Donnybrook. We ate a pub/restaurant and then went to a bakery across the street. They were both delicious!

Day 4 was our first day of class. The building our class is in, is absolutely beautiful. It used to be the president’s house, but it is now for important meetings and the location of some executive offices. We are lucky to be able to study there! I think a lot of us students were pretty exhausted for the first day but we pulled through. We received our first photography assignment. We had to map out campus in ten photos, which ended up being pretty fun and interesting. After taking our photos, Jenny, Tina, and I searched for a half hour trying to find the International Office, apparently the tour on day 1 didn’t help us too much. We managed to find it and successfully make our way back home.

After 4 days of being in Ireland I have walked 25 miles (58,230 steps)! I am excited for more adventures to come and to put more miles on my feet!