Displayed proudly at the front of the store, UIC’s Halsted Street Station offers a wide variety of colorful candies to choose from. This packaging encompasses the idea of purchasing not only the candy but also the jolliness that is displayed through the bright colors, fun font, and silly characters that attract students when they are low on energy and in a rush.

Partners: Tiffany B., Kasia M., Felix L., Suma M.

Being a college student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, staying on a budget is important especially regarding food options in Student Center East. Although eating healthy is recommended, most healthier options are pricier. This leaves students deciding between the healthier choice or the cheaper choice that may compromise their health.

At the back of the store, behind the aisles of candies are sandwiches ($7) and fresh fruits ($4), which are the more expensive options at the Halsted Station. The clear packaging allows for the natural colors of the food to show through.


Showcasing Panda Express’s use of fresh, colorful vegetables gives the illusion of healthy food choices when in reality the dishes include high amounts of sodium, sugar, and fat.