Ellen WoodcockShailja Patel, Courtney Ban, Luis Gaspar & Stacy Rodriguez

When exploring how UIC’s east campus promotes physical activity in students, we initially thought of exercise and athletics. After redefining physical activity in the context of the daily routine of all students, we learned that the structure of campus features many options to move throughout the day.

This picture emphasizes the wide sidewalks leading up the quad. This area of east campus is where most of the academic buildings are located. The buildings are only accessible by sidewalks so students either walk, skateboard or bike to class.


This is one of many Divvy bike stations around East Campus. This is a bike sharing service across the city of Chicago and another mode of physical activity around campus.


These stairs lead to Student Center East and the east campus dorms. This entrance is only accessible to able-bodied students as it requires walking and climbing to the top without any ramps nearby.