Though I have lived in Illinois for all my life, I still felt like a tourist in this great big city. Even from living in Chicago for four years, I was not a Chicagoan. When traveling, I only went to the places that I knew, traveling from destination A to B, and minding my own business when using transportation, never looking out the window to see what the city has in store. Like every city, Chicago has their own style, culture, and traditions. Taking part on this project has given me more insight on Chicago’s history, pride, originality, and it makes me want to call Chicago home.

A statue of basketball legend, Michael Jordan, showing why he is also call “His Airness”


A photo of a statue of the great baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. Known for his batting, he shows pride to the Italian community.

The Four Seasons by Marc Chagall. Though it is a beautiful mosaic sculpture, it reminds me of the drastic brutal weather changes that Chicago brings.


Pointing at the “Wrigley Field – Home of the Chicago Cubs” sign, where the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series. Braking the 107 year drought, the Chicago Cubs brings pride and unity to Chicagoans.


I was grateful to take a selfie with a stranger with the Edward Kemeys Lions at the entrance of Art Institute of Chicago. Taking a selfie with strangers, though intimidating, gave me more courage to interact with others.


selfie with “Big Beaver”, created by Norman Tait. I love the different shapes and the faces that this totem brings and especially love the eagle, spreading its wings at the top of the sculpture.


Taking a photo of Henry Moore’s sun dial, located at the Alder Planetarium. This picture reminds me of time and how important it is to give yourself a break to relax and enjoy the view of this busy city.


Taking a selfie with the Fulton Market District Arch. The area is served to provide wholesale produce to businesses and is now dominated by a variety of restaurants.


Selfie with the Picasso Sculptures created by Pablo Picasso himself. Located at the Daley Plaza, this work of art shows unique playground features. I loved watching other tourist slide off the statue as I admired this beauty!


Taking a photo with the flamingo at Federal Plaza, designed by Alexander Calder.