The purpose of this project was to go around to different locations throughout the city of Chicago and take selfies. I did this with two other students who will be studying abroad with me, Ellen Woodcock and Melyssa Pham. We decided to start our route near UIC at the United Center and finish in Little Italy near UIC. Doing this project made me reflect and see how many great things are around our city that we don’t normally notice or take advantage of living in or near Chicago. Also, this is a great way to make ourselves feel like tourists and see how people react to us acting like tourists in preparation for Barcelona.

Micheal Jordan could easily be the face of the United Center. I grew up watching him play basketball with my grandfather. He even won a free signed Michael Jordan jersey at the game which hung in his office for many years.

Clink the link for the newspaper article of my grandfather Bill Koehl 


Fulton Market District is the home to the oldest food marketing district. I pass the Fulton Market District sign on the bus everyday on my way to school.

Wrigley Field is the home to the Chicago Cubs who won the 2016 World Series for the first time in 108 years. The night of my senior prom a group of my friends and I came to take photos in this very spot. A driver was so distracted by a huge group of us in prom dresses and tuxedos that he caused an accident on that busy corner. Luckily, it was just a fender bender and everyone was okay.

While standing outside of Wrigley Field, a couple walked up to Ellen Woodcock and I asking if we could take a picture for them. In return, they said they would take a picture for us. Little did they know, they would be taking a selfie with us instead!

My grandparents loved traveling around the city and would take my brother and I all over the city, including Lincoln Park Zoo. This is in front of the lion enclosure and there wasn’t a single lion out. Hence the sad look on my face.

Even in the pouring rain you can see beautiful sculptures throughout the city. Henry Moore’s Sun Dial sits outside of the Alder Planetarium in Chicago. Visiting the Sun Dial was a great experience because its right by the lake and you get to see the beautiful skyline of Chicago.

I have been to museum campus many times throughout my life and I have never seen the Replica of Colossal Olmec Head by Ignacio Perez Solano. After looking into this, it is very interesting that we have such a historical piece in Chicago from Mexico. It shows how diverse the community and art can be in Chicago.

Getting this photo was an adventure itself. After walking around the grounds of the Field Museum we finally found the Totem Poll called Big Beaver which was carved by Norman Tait. I was able to find an opening in the fence around the Big Beaver and get a nice close up of it.

The Flamingo by Alexander Calder was great to see on foot. I have always passed in a vehicle and have never realized how big it really is.

The Statue of Joe DiMaggio Statue sits in the center of Little Italy near UIC campus. Whenever I go to Little Italy on a beautiful day in the summer I like to sit around the statue and people watch and enjoy the weather. Maybe sit and enjoy some Italian Ice from the famous Mario’s.