I never knew that there were places I have yet to visit in downtown Chicago. I have been to downtown more times than I can remember and I feel that I am relatively aware of my whereabouts. This project made me realize there is a lot to experience in this magnificent city and so much to learn despite residing here for last ten years. It is a shame to admit that I never really payed attention to sculptures such as: Chicago Bronze Cow, Miro’s Statue, or even The Flamingo. I had driven past these structures thousands of times; however, I missed the details these monuments had to offer. I now actually know the names of these monuments. I gathered some knowledge and history about the structures I took pictures in front of.  My time was very well spent at these places and I appreciate these monuments for their unique quality and characteristics.

Visiting the Cloud Gate “The Bean” in Millennium Park, Chicago for two minutes.

The north lion in front of the Art Institute of Chicago, the lion’s pose emphasizes that it has its prey in sight.

Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, Chicago, the center jet of this fountain is shooting the water 150 feet into the air.

Alexander Calder’s Flamingo in downtown Chicago, painted in bright “calder red” to offset the three dark federal buildings surrounding the sculpture.

The Chicago Picasso in the Daley Plaza, this sculpture is seen as a replica of an afghan hound dog.

The Chicago Bronze Cow outside the entrance to the Chicago Cultural Center on Washington street, the right eye of the cow depicts the reflection of the Chicago Water Tower.

The Four Seasons in Chase Tower Plaza in the Loop District of Chicago, is a mosaic constructed by Mark Chagall and it is composed of thousands of little tiles in over 250 colors.

Miro’s Statue on Washington street in downtown Chicago, was constructed by Joan Miro and it was initially known as, “The Sun, The Moon, and One Star”.

Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs, who were the 2016 World Series Champions.

Selfie with two strangers outside Wrigley Field in the rain.