I made a new friend with neat bracelets! We were assigned to take a picture with a stranger, and finding him roaming the city was an unexpected surprise and I could not let the chance by without a selfie!

Starting out this project, I was not expecting to learn so much about the city I lived in for the past 13 years! For this project, we had to travel all around the city and take selfies with some of the Chicago monuments. Starting my route at the Chicago Cubs Stadium and finishing at Chinatown. Pretending to be a tourist and visiting Chicago’s attractions made me realize how beautiful the city is. Even though I have been living here for more than a decade, it would have never crossed my mind to go to these places. Never have I thought to be a tourist in my own city!

Wrigley Field, Home of the Cubs! Proud of the original fans who stuck by their side for 108 years and believing in them. My father being one of their biggest fans!

Clouds Gate, The Bean. My favorite! Anytime I go downtown I must visit the bean and take some mirrored selfies, and pictures of the reflected skyline

Edward Kemeys Lions’ in front of the art institute. The Lions are one of the few spots that will always stick out as a Chicago representation. I have visited the Art Museum many times and will always appreciate every piece of art it includes.

Miro’s statue, I have never seen this before and it was a bit hard to find. It is placed at a great hangout place and serves a great scene.

The Picasso, I took the time to look at this statue, and I have always known it was there but never knew it was a Picasso

Alexander Calder, Flamingo. Whenever I do visit downtown and see this statue, I always just walk past it and never knew what it really is. Very interesting how my view of it has changed.

Buckingham fountain. One of the biggest attractions for the tourists when coming to Chicago, and more beautiful when seeing it in person. This was the first place I visited when I moved to Chicago.

Bronze cow, I have always seen others take a selfie with the bronze cow, never expecting I would ever be one of them

Chinatown in Chicago, I have always known about Chinatown but actually been there only twice!