As a Kinesiology major, exercise and nutrition never leave my mind. After an 8 hour flight from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, I can feel a lack of proper nutrition, sleep and physical activity taking a negative toll on my body. As I’m waiting for my connecting flight to Barcelona, I am strategizing  a workout program that will flow nicely with the study abroad schedule.

In my carry on, I have packed Thera bands for resistance training and a yoga strap for stretching. These tools will help me create simplistic, minimalistic and efficient workouts. My main focus is calisthenic workouts, also known as body weight workouts. Calisthenics, performed by athletes like gymnasts, can increase overall strength by targeting muscle groups by performing body weight exercises. One main advantage of calisthenics is the convenience of being able to perform body weight exercises anytime, anywhere.

As a beginner of calisthenics, it is important to remember:

  • Perform each exercise with proper form
  • Execute slow and controlled movements
  • Try different variations of exercises
  • Seeing results takes time
  • Be patient and never give up

Adios, I hope to update you soon on this adventure of staying fit while abroad!