Thursday was our first excursion and it was a great one, to say the least. We took a tour of a winery and had a tasting (Eudald Massana Noya), ate lunch (La Posada de Sant Pere), and went on an olive oil tour and tasting (Ca La Madrona). What started the day off as a talkative, hour-long bus ride to the countryside, ended with a quiet, sleepy ride home to Barcelona. Check out this video made by Melyssa Pham of our awesome tour. The photo gallery below was our day from start to finish. Enjoy!

After a great day yesterday, the students all wrote a short reflection to bring to class today. The students reflected on and wrote about how they often do not think about the food they are eating unlike the tour guides yesterday who found romance in what they do. The students shared how they appreciated that the owners of the winery and olive oil production site kept over 60% of their products local, only exporting a small amount. They also reflected on how they enjoyed learning about the sustainable environments where they rely solely on rain to water the plants and often do not use any pesticides. After sharing their reflections, the students participated in a jigsaw teaching technique to teach one another the readings they became experts on that they were assigned. We chose this method to reduce the amount of reading per student yet it yields the same learning outcomes. The students shared within their small groups the key facts, big issues, and implications from their chapters. The two textbooks we utilized and started to review in class today are Obesogenic Environments: complexities, perceptions, and objective measures and Reversing the Obesogenic EnvironmentThese texts gave the students a foundational knowledge for the rest of the course. We will come back each week to these readings to dig deeper and make more connections with their experiences outside of the classroom, like the day trip yesterday.