On Wednesday everning, we went to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. I had already been there on Sunday of the same week but this time I saw the art differently than I did on Sunday. Art has never been explored in my family. I don’t know anybody in my family that knows how to draw or like to go to art museum. In high school, I never took any art classes for my elective courses. So, it was interesting to learn to read art. I’ll never run away from art now.

One word that highlighted the whole tour was “details.” I learned how important can details be. My favorite activity was when Kasha had to describe the painting of Joaquim Mir The Beggars Cathedral while having our eyes closed. It was interesting to know that based on only words, everyone can imagine a different picture for the same description.

The Beggars Cathedral by Joaquim Mir

Not only did this tour gave me understanding of art but it definitely taught me about qualitative research. One of our activity was to look at the art for 1 minute and describe it to two classmates without looking back at it. This was a good activity that taught me how everyone can have different point of view of the same thing based on their previous experience. This painting featured many religious images, but it was hard for me to relate to and talk about. I didn’t have knowledge about the religion or the images that the painting featured

Retaule del Corpus Christi by Mastre de Vallbona de les Monges

The last activity that we did was “I am expert.” We pretended to be experts in one of the painting to tell a story about it from our point of view. This really challenged my understanding of art. I had to read the art and describe it to our classmates.

“I am expert” story time game on Character by Joseph Maria de Sucre