Hola Barcelona!

Studying abroad in Barcelona meaning living abroad and adapting to my new neighborhood. To begin with, back in America, I live in a house and as for now, I’m living in an apartment with beautiful Spanish architecture! Living in the in my neighborhood in the States, it is not normal to see Spanish architecture with balconies, but here in Barcelona, almost all of the apartment buildings have balconies.

Beautiful architecture around my balcony!


Back in the States, it is hardly heard of anyone going into a coffee shop and sitting down to savor their coffee. We have Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks around my neighborhood for a grab-and-go coffee, but here in Barcelona, I have a coffee shop at the corner of my block to sit down and enjoy a cafe con leche with some pastries! A new to start my morning, yum!

Garnier Pans Artesans, my corner coffee shop.



Another big part of my neighborhood in Barcelona is that the University of Barcelona is a few blocks away from my apartment. I attend the University of Illinois at Chicago and since I have been attending classes every day for the past two years, I count it as a part of my neighborhood. Living in Barcelona will be very exciting, there are many ways to live your life differently here and still be living as comfortably is back home. I have many convenient stores around my apartment that I can just walk everywhere. Also, I have noticed that many people here have different ways of traveling around and the most popular way I have observed is by motorcycle/scooter type, I might just get one for myself while I am here!

Universitat de Barcelona a few blocks away from my apartment.