During the last few days Barcelona has become a home and the people that I am living with are becoming like family. As streets become more and more familiar navigating the city is simpler. Soon, I was exploring the well lit streets past dusk. Walking through the maze of beautiful buildings at night, I saw that around 22:00 the city came to life. This applied to everyone: couples strolling with their children, elderly holding hands, young people enjoying nightlife, students like me heading to coffee shops to stock up on caffeine. Regardless of whether it was the sun or the moon greeting me outside, the city provides endless discoveries.

Balmes and Consell de Cent. This building is my North Star.

Long days of walking and excursions call for long nights catching up with class work. This results in late night coffee runs 🙂


Every several blocks there is a sex shop. This is particularly surprising because after observing the local Catalonians modest style, I would believe that the culture would be wary of allowing sex to be displayed publicly. In general, sexuality is expressed differently than in the States. During my first four days I unintentionally flirted with a lot of people. A smile=flirting.

Plaça del Doctor Letamendi, one of endless amount of plazas that Spain has to offer to the public. It’s a place where people come to talk, relax, and watch flowers rain.