Going to a neighborhood that was so different from the neighborhood that I have lived for many years was overwhelming. Not knowing where I was and how would I survive for a month compelled me to find my home ground in Barcelona. As I walked around the neighborhood I was able connect myself to my neighborhood in Round Lake, IL.

On Monday morning, Brittany, Eddie and I arrived at our apartment and the first thing I saw was the red building across the brown and white garbage cans. The red building and the garbage cans across it have

On Carrer D’ Balmes across the front door of our apartment.

been my landmark for the apartment just as the Bank of America across my house was the landmark for my house when I had moved in 8 years ago. What is different here in Barcelona is the recycle and trash system which I have never seen in my neighborhood. The recycling bins here are nicely organized by paper, glass, organic, plastic and garbage.

Express mini supermarcat on Carrer D’Balmes

After settling into our apartment, I was looking for a grocery store to get some groceries and supplies for the apartment. Couple my roommates and I walked around the block and found a mini supermarket across the street. Being able to buy my own groceries and cook made me feel at home. Its a 24 hour supermarket that is in a walking location for us to go anytime to get groceries. This was really nice because If I ever needed to go shopping at 12 am I would have to drive 15 min to go to 24 hour Meijer in Round Lake, IL.

In my daily commute to work or school, I always stop by Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts to get some coffee on the go. After searching for a while, I found Francesco Cafe around the block. The though of being able to get coffee on the go everyday like I used to back home made me feel very comfortable. Although, walking around in Barcelona, I noticed that no one usually takes their food on the go like we do in the States. People in Barcelona enjoy their food sitting down immersing themselves fully into conversation with their company.

Fransceso Cafe around the block on Carrer D’ Arago