Carrer d’ Enric Granados, a street behind my apartment with a bike lane, walking lane, benches for people to socialize and restaurants. After I took this photo, I spent some time with my friends on one of the benches on this street.

Walking through Eixample Esquerra, my neighborhood in Barcelona, I have noticed more differences than similarities between Lincolnwood, my home neighborhood in Chicago and my neighborhood in Barcelona. I have only been here for 4 days and I am already loving the atmosphere here in Barcelona because everything is at a walking distance as oppose to back in Lincolnwood, where driving to my destination is more efficient rather than walking. I have been walking an average of 10 miles per day since I have been in Barcelona; however, I am barely able to walk an average of 5 miles per day back home. The image below of Carrer d’ Enric Granados is very intriguing to me because I have no place near my neighborhood back home that allows the people to own the street whenever they feel the need to casually walk, bike, socialize or dine at a restaurant with seating outside.The supermarket Bonpreu is a 3 minute walk from my home in Barcelona and carries more fresh produce and household products compare to back home where I have to drive 10 minutes to Walmart, a superstore which carries almost anything from produce to hardware appliances.

A supermarket located near Placa del Dr. Letamendi, about a block away from my apartment. I discovered this market while I was walking around my neighborhood to take pictures for my project.

Another major difference that I have noticed is that people here tend to stay out past midnight socializing as oppose to in Lincolnwood, where everything typically closes at 10pm. Compare to my experiences back home this city is well lit, which makes it safe for people to stay out and enjoy the night life knowing their neighborhood promotes the idea of being outside at anytime of the day.

People dining late at night and socializing at Miu, a Japanese restaurant on Carrer d’ Enric Granados.