Looking at the breathtaking view near the entrance of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Visiting Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya was a majestic experience as I have never seen a grand entrance for an art museum so open and decorative with a mixture of nature and man made designs. It was amazing to get to the top of the stairs and observe the city from a high altitude, admiring both the buildings and the mountains.

Looking inside the exhibit and having a minimal experience with art, I have gained much appreciation of artist and their work. Each artist has their own style and flair into their masterpieces contributing to the influences of Catalan history as it also shapes future cultural behaviors, leading into what we know today. With the contribution to personal values, learning, and beliefs, I learned everyone has their own perspective of looking into art. With my experiences and the artwork provided, it was possible for me to create a story to tell to others.

Examining the artwork of Maestro de Vallbona’s Retaule del Corpus Christi, I love how the artist used detailed patterns on the arches of each box.

With the group, we observed the artwork of Maestro de Vallbona called Retaule del Corpus Christi. The artist uses dark colors and specific patterns in the arches. It was amazing to see the details used in the past. I also loved how the picture tells a story as viewers can follow each different box.

One painting that caught my attention was El derrotista (The Deafeatist) by Ramón Puyol.

Admiring the artwork, El derrotista (The Deafeatist) painted by Ramón Puyol.


In the picture, I see a person using binoculars and observing from a distance. Dark black lines, to

what looks like a shadow is extracted from the body. I think this painting represents a person observing a man and having a realization. The shadow shows the thoughts of what he is seeing is being forgotten as the person now has a new thought of what he is observing.

Visiting the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya not only gave me a greater perspective of art, history, and Catalan culture, this trip has taught me the effort that was made to preserve such beautiful artifacts and the city that they love.