Hola from Barcelona!

Throughout the week, we have had some opportunities to get a feel for our new neighborhood on our group excursions. Here are a few places discovered thus far that have made this home away from home feel all the more so.

Express market down the street from my apartment

On our first excursion, we visited a local Catalan market called “Mercat del Ninot“, which was about a 15-minute walk from our apartment. This market was full of fresh food vendors, including fisheries, fruit and vegetable specialists, and even an olive counter! This post features a little 24-hour market close to our apartment called “Express”, which is short walk from my front door here in Barcelona. While not as elaborate as the first market we visited as a group, it has all the essentials, including some fresh produce and other household necessities. Visiting this little market reminds me of my first few weeks in Chicago: I had no idea how to get to a conventional market for groceries, but I had a little Mexican mart two blocks away from my first apartment. Quite similar to this little market, that little Mexican market was my sweet relief when I needed produce in a pinch.

If you could enjoy eggs at any point of the day, every day, then Chicago brunch is your jam. Not only is brunch a beloved past-time of mine, it is close to my heart because my first long-term job in Chicago was working brunch. I was pleasantly surprised to see this little spot around the corner from my apartment. I had no idea Spaniards did brunch, or called it brunch, but I will not question it. Seeing this place was something familiar that helped me feel a little more at home.

Barcelona is for (coffee) lovers! Every coffee beverage I’ve had has been amazing. There are coffee shops all over the neighborhood which makes getting quality coffee on the go all the more convenient. In fact, we visit the coffee shop down the street from our apartment so frequently that baristas know me and my roommates by order! In my Chicago neighborhood, coffee shops are few and far between, but there is a little coffee shop I pass on my way to the train called “Nighthawk”. They serve excellent coffee and scones, which are nice when you are on-the-go. In the evening, it transforms into cocktail bar. I love its versatility and its convenience.

We are just getting the ball rolling here, so I look forward to discovering all the gems this city has to offer!