Excluding architecture, my neighborhood and my current apartment in Barcelona have a few similarities. These similarities are seen through local supermarkets and graffiti. However, differences are clearly visible in the usage of roads and sidewalks.
In Barcelona as well as back home in the Southside of Chicago, graffiti is everywhere. This urban art expresses the feelings as well voices of many low and middle-class people of a city. However here in Barcelona, the high concentration of how much is visible in the neighborhood implies a lot. In Chicago, the city services push to remove a lot of the visible graffiti throughout the city. In my neighborhood. The only visible graffiti is that on authorized murals or abandoned buildings. Unlike Chicago, it seems that the neighborhood doesn’t mind the art. Other similarities like local supermarkets help better the health of the neighborhood. The food environment provided by the supermarket combats an unhealthy diet. Thus, it enforces the locals and me to change our diet by providing a good that allows us to eat better. Back home, my local supermarket is within walking distance. I am able to get a bottle of orange juice and other nutritional options for the morning.
However, the use of a road and a sidewalk is completely different in Barcelona. As shown in the image the road has been changed to only be accessible for motorcycles and bicycles. The exclusiveness of the road is beneficial for only people who are either physically active or are lowering pollution. Furthermore, the placement of benches allows for the community to come out and relax. In the South side, cycle only streets are unheard of and benches are a rare sighting as out Illinois state budget.