Scooters are popular in both Barcelona and Hong Kong due to their ease of use, fuel efficiency, and inexpensiveness.

As I am getting use to the life of the lively city of Barcelona, I have noticed many similarities to my experiences of my stay at Hong Kong. Growing up, I use to visit my grandparents for the summer, remembering the pedestrian-friendly roads as I explored different parts of the city. The use of smaller transportation or public transportation is both widely used in both cities and is very inexpensive to use compared to what I am use to in Chicago. In every street corner, I noticed all the convenience stores, easily accessible to buy items, similar to all the 7-Elevens, filling the streets Hong Kong.

Small convenient stores, popular in both Barcelona and Hong Kong, are known to be located in almost every street corner.

What I also love about the city of Barcelona is that they set a few designated location to buy produce, particularly the locations Sant Josep La Boqueria and Mercat del Ninot. The small stands, selling their specific specialized produce, reminds me of the the street market, Mongkok Market.

Barcelona community markets, like Sant Josep La Boqueria, selling specialty items, reminds me of Mongkok market in Hong Kong.

As cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, it is a dream to find such fresh produce with such a variety in one location. It is a dream to be able to picture these markets back at Chicago.

Although I do miss my family, friends, and culture back at Chicago, I am fortunate to have Barcelona similar to Hong Kong as it is a second home to me. I do not feel as much culture shock and homesickness as I thought I would have and it excites me to experience this beautiful city for the next five weeks.