Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya in Barcelona Spain, is known for presenting Catalan art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and Romanesque church paintings.

My Experience at the Museu D’art de Catalunya was an eye-opening experience to say the least because I cannot forget the part where I accidentally touched a multi million dollar painting while I was giving my one minute presentation and did not get arrested for my senseless act. Having visited only the Field Museum in Chicago before, I had no substantial knowledge of Catalan art or art in general. I was never really interested in looking at art prior to visiting this museum; however, I now have a greater interest in examining different pieces of art because I learned that by paying close attention to the details, one can interpret an image by examining and expressing the facts. Walking to several different exhibitions with my group, I noticed how everyone interprets an image in their own unique way. My group and I examined many pieces of art work; however, we all had different interpretations when our TA Lindsey asked the question, “What do you see in this image?”. Since many of the paintings we examined depicted religious events, I had different interpretations from many of my peers due to my weak background in religion. While examining the Adoracio dels pastors painting I interpreted the newborn as a baby who was extremely ill and everybody surrounding the wooden manger was praying for the child’s well being. Many of my peers who had a religious background interpreted the painting far more accurately than me due to their strong background in religion. Even though my interpretation was completely different form others in my group, my ability of being open-minded and listening to my peers’ responses allowed me to perceive the painting through their point of view as well.

Adoracio dels pastors is a painting by Taller dels germans Serra, depicts a new born in the center of the image in a wooden manger surrounded by an elderly figure, two female figures, and two shepherds.

We were asked to take this picture of the Sant Miquel Arcangel from 20,10, and 5 feet away to show examining something from a distance is not the same as analyzing something when you are in proximity. My professor John E. Coumbe-Lilley emphasized, how getting closer to a object shows bravery and a sense of clarity. I hope to incorporate his emphasis in my work as I move forward in this program.