Going to the Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya (MNAC) for the first time I could not believe that magnitude of the building, making it the very

The pillars in front of the grand entrance leading up the the Museu D’Art de Catalunya.

first piece of artwork visitors observe. It’s massive pillars that are proudly displayed in front of the building with a two large sets of stairs leading to the entrance give the representation that the art museum is a building worth entering. When thinking about The Art Institute of Chicago it itself is presented in a completely different way. The Art Institute has two lions the guard the north and south entrance of the museum representing “on the prowl” and “in an attitude of defiance” for the city of Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago is the only other museum I’ve been to, and even then I did not fully understand how to interpret the marvelous art pieces that were before me. It was not until the our visit with John and Lindsey leading the activities, that I found an understanding on how to interpret art by listing the facts, analyzing, and interpretation. One of our activities dealt with our perspective of a single work of art at different distances, 20-10-5 feet,  and how we interpret the painting at each distance. This form of interpretation allowed me to see the same painting three different times in a new light each time.

Just when I thought I was getting a grasp of how to interpret art, I now had to become the expert and interpret the art work by observing, analyzing and presenting an art piece to my fellow peers in a one minute presentation. This improvisation activity of storytelling was a great way of gathering all that we learned on our visit to the MNAC. I now have a greater appreciation for artwork and how interpret future pieces in my own way.

Character by Josep Maria de Sucre