ANSWER: Nothing, it just let a little wine!

Our first excursion was to a local vineyard and olive oil mill in the Penedes region located just an hour outside of Barcelona. This was the first time I have seen how the goods are made in person. Our tour guide, Albert, took us through what types of local grapes are grown, how the climate and location of the grapes can affect the taste of wine, method of pruning, and introduced us to Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine processed similar to the champagne production method. Later in the day, Albert translated for Antonio, owner of Ca La Madrona, as he walked us through the olive oil production process.  

When I think of food, I think of my mom. My dad cooks too, but it just is not as good as hers. Sorry Dad! When my mom cooks at home, she spends hours on her feet in the kitchen and it makes the meals taste better knowing that she puts so much love and effort into it. Listening to Albert and Antonio talk about their craft had reminded me of my mom. The production method of great wine, Cava, or olive oil is very time consuming, but I could see the love and passion they both had for their work. I think that is why it made trying their products a little more special. I could taste the quality flavors and aromas, but also how much devotion they put into it. For that reason, I believe that is why they both have a great connection to local customers in Catalonia. I imagine people love food, but more importantly love the people they share the food with, whether it is the ones who make it or the ones they eat it with.

After this excursion, I have a newfound appreciation on how much energy is put into making the food I eat. More importantly, I came to respect the hard-working individuals, especially small business owners, who produce it. I hope to go back home and find a market with locally grown food to share a similar experience as this one in Barcelona. Although, the first thing I am going to do when I get back is hug my mom and let her know how much I miss and admire her.    

Check out my video of our trip!


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