As much as I don’t like taking selfies, I found my Chicago-Barcelona Selfie experience enjoyable. It taught me how to think bold and most importantly, how to BE bold. Taking a selfie with a stranger in both familiar and unfamiliar environments was nerve wrecking at first. After getting a chance to know a stranger it was eyeopening on how much I learned about other individuals and myself. This interaction reminded me that we are all human and shouldn’t feel intimidated by interacting with each other. People who I thought were strangers before are now acquaintances.

In Chicago I felt like a traveler, barely having to map my way through the city. Growing up in the Chi, I was familiar with majority of the landmarks that I visited which brought back countless memories. In addition, I found an interest when diving further into the historical facts that each landmark had. I felt more connected and appreciative of Chicago’s rich history and architecture.┬áIn Barcelona I feel like a tourist. Mapping my way to different selfie sites was a time consuming task. I had to strategize which landmarks were relatively close together and how I would get there. Intimidated by public transit, I chose to walk. Unfamiliar with almost all monuments and historical landmarks, I researched what to expect once I arrived. If GPS wasn’t there to help me, I would have gotten lost on many occasions. Each landmark took my breath away, it was surreal seeing them up close and not just in pictures. I have few memories tied to these sites which made me wonder about how I will view the structures differently towards the end of the program.

Although both these experiences were very different from each other, I am thankful that I am experiencing Barcelona with such motivating and supportive individuals. It can be intimidating being a tourist in a foreign country, but being surrounded with positivity throughout this experience has made it much easier for me to adapt and enjoy each project.

HEY GAUDI! Zarbab, Kasia, Felix and I walked all the way to Gaudi’s statue. It was well worth the 50 minute trek.


After our MNAC edventures, Melyssa suggested we take a selfie! Here we stand in front of the beautiful, Placa Espanya.


Our sunny and delightful wine and olive excursion ended with a tasting and a free bottle of olive oil to take home with us. What a day!


The Sagrada Familia, a classic landmark for many tourists, was packed when we arrived for our selfies. Thankfully we snapped this perfect picture via selfie stick.