On our first excursion, we had a switch of scenery from urban apartment to rural residences. As a large group we were welcomed by the owners of two small family owned businesses and shown the secrets of producing the best of Catalonia’s wine and oil. Our guides shared with us not only the methods of producing the products but also the passion they had for what they did. Me of course, being a person that is quickly inspired, left belieivng that wine and oil making is my new calling. From now on, you’ll find me planting grape vines.

Starting in the vineyards our enthusiastic guide Albert told us many of the nitty gritty details of growing grapes. FUN FACT: Did you know that the fruit of a vine growing at the base of a hill as opposed to growing at the top will produce a different tasting wine? Mind=blown.

From quiet vineyard to bustling machines! The air smelled like fermenting grapes as Albert explained the process of crushing fruit. FUN FACT: Did you know white wine can be made from red grapes? Color depends on how long the skins are allowed to soak in the juice. Soak that in.


Next we were taken to “La Vaca”or the cave. Unlike most caves, this one was full of great things. Thousands of bottles of cava, a sparkling wine, lined the perimeters of the cool area. FUN FACT: Did you know that once the sediment is taken out of the cava it will not get any better or worse with aging?


After obtaining all of that knowledge it was time to try whether all that work is actually worth it. FUN FACT: Drinking wine and cava makes lifts spirits.


We ventured on to the second part of the excursion: olive oil making!!! I’m more of a butter-loving girl but after seeing how its done may have changed my ways.


Beside Albert stands Antonio who was a specialist in olive oil making. Although we communicated with Albert as our translator he was no less enthusiastic about explaining his profession. His passion reminded the enthusiasm a family friend has for honey. FUN FACT: Did you know that a less rainy season produces less oil but with higher quality?


The remains of olive oil tasting. We tried organic olive oil, nonorganic olive oil, and oil made the “old-fashioned” way. FUN FACT: Did you know that each one is different-not better or worse, just different 🙂

As the day came to a close, these two newly discovered practices inspired me to become just as passionate in whatever it is that I will do. Here is a pair of roses because roses are beautiful regardless where in the world they may be found!