Taking selfies in Chicago was no big deal as I met up with Kaisa and Tiffany  and quickly walked and used public transportation to get to our destinations. Even though I had been living in Chicago for 10 years, I was unfamiliar with many of the monuments and landmarks such as: Chicago Bronze Cow, The Flamingo and Miro’s Statue. I found the selfie project in Chicago fairly easy, but interesting as I learned about some monuments that I had no prior knowledge over. Now that I am more familiar with the landmarks downtown I appreciate them more for just their appearance.

Taking selfies in Barcelona, I felt extremely uncomfortable as if I did not belong in this city. Having watched the Bye Bye Barcelona video, I was a bit worried due to the implication of the video that the local people of Barcelona have unpleasant attitudes towards tourists. They feel that their city is being overtaken and they are being pushed out of their historical cultural spaces. Prior to doing my project, I thought I would be given a hard time by the locals; however, my experience turned out to be quite positive. Walking around Barcelona I attempted to speak the little Spanish that I knew, which I believe eased the tension the locals might have had towards me. When I attempted to speak their language, it made them realize that I am not a typical tourist and I am here to actually learn about them and their culture.

My experience of taking a selfie with a stranger was extremely difficult and challenging in Barcelona compared to Chicago. In Chicago I just politely asked a stranger if I could take a picture with them and they seemed happy to say yes. In Barcelona asking a stranger to take a picture with me was awkward because I did not speak the language fairly well and they might have thought my request was impolite. After being denied by two people, I was finally able to get my selfie with a kind stranger, however, my limited Spanish skills were a cultural barrier because it prevented me from understanding what he was saying. Due to this I was uncomfortable in attempting to engage in a conversation. These two projects made me realize how much you can learn about a certain place and the world around you through the experiences you encounter in unfamiliar places and interacting with new people.


Selfie with two strangers outside Wrigley Field in the rain.

This sign translates into, “tourism kills neighborhoods” it depicts the feelings Catalans have.

Selfie with a Stranger, this was outside of Casa Batilo, I had to use my broken Spanish to ask him if I can take a selfie with him.