Taking selfies was no less strange in Barcelona than in Chicago. However, in between the mini photo sessions and sore feet I am learning about Catalonia and its beautiful people. Adventures come in many different forms: solo, in groups, unpredicted, structured. Our group was fortunate to be guided by Dan through parts of the city. The combination of experiencing the city firsthand and learning about its history brings it to life! As the selfie project comes to a close I can confidently say that I have learned about myself, the city, and the importance of good walking shoes.

The Gothic Quarter offers not only the city’s best gelato but also a thousands of years of rich history. Today the ancient streets appear to mainly be tourist attractions however they have shaped Catalonia’s rich culture.


Amidst all the archetchrally gorgeous buildings along Passeig de Gràcia one building presents itself differently. Gaudi’s Casa Batlló is adorned with a facade covered in artistically designed……BONES! I think that UIC’s Physical Education Building needs to take an example from this building to better represent the topics which are taught within. #Skeleton#MovementScience

Through Las Ramblas toward the sea there is a towering monument of Columbus. It is interesting to see a man that voyaged to America celebrated in Spain. The statue serves as a reminder that Barcelona was the place that Columbus reported to Queen Isabella and Ferdinand about his journey. Another interesting thing: running before class while running low on sleep can improve mood.

Like a heart, Place de Catalunya pumps energy through the city. Surrounded with shops, cafes, and restaurants, this area is bustling with tourists and locals. Oh, and pigeons, let us not forget the infinite amount of birds that spook jumpy people like me.

Barcelona is indeed very lucky to have free access to masterpieces. Another one of Antonio Gaudi’s pieces was constructed to represent an open quarry. Im not sure whether it was the actual architecture or the heat but building seemed to be flowing!

The Gothic Quarter is rich with old treasures and new people! This lovely lady was asking to take a picture of her with the Barcino letters. Just like in Chicago, I asked for a returned favor….A SELFIE! It was a relief that to see her eagerness 🙂

During a tour with Dan we came across the Fountain of Church of St Felip Neri. Within this cozy square we heard the story of the children that lost their lives by bombings during the Spanish Civil War. The orange flowers from the trees slowly drifted down as a bird sang its song among the branches.

Here he is! The man, the myth, the legend, Gaudi himself! After a lengthy walk to a quiet neighborhood the Statue of Antonio Gaudi greeted us with surprise. The feeling was mutual.

The pinnacle of Gaudi’s work, La Sagrada Família. Towering hundreds of meters into the sky makes it difficult to find a proper angle for us both. This church is incredibly unique with its untypical modern construction. As a person of faith that likes small churches, this was overwhelming both in size and design!!!

Imagine a grand castle on the top of a large hill, from it descending hundreds of stairs. Along the middle an aisle of fountains stretch until it meets a fountain. Down the street from the first fountain,Font Màgica de Montjuïc, is a second fountain within the Placa Espana.