this young girl was just hanging around with pigeons.

 I am in a city that has a little girl playing with pigeons. Every day in Barcelona is a new experience, and a new perception of life outside the Southside of Chicago is unfolding. These selfies, aren’t just pictures, but each an individual story.  They are also doors into history and cultural understanding. These doors should be opened and what inside should be soaked in. these selfies have allowed me to really appreciate the opportunity that was given to me but to also make new friends. I am experiencing adventures that very few can say they have done. These same adventures that no one has done in my family.





Place de Cataluyna has pigeons that are not scared of any humans.

Columbus monument implies that we are standing where many conquistadors once stood.

typical selfie at the Arc de Triomf with eddie

the Gothic quarters is the original city of Barcelona

a couple taking engagement picture in front of the fountain of Church of St Felip Neri

Tiffany photo bombing at the Statue of Antoni Gaudi

the Cascade de la Cuitadella is probably one of the most amazing fountains I’ve seen

Casa Mila’s design is amazing

Casa Batllo was breathe taking. I had to capture the moment