Walking through the streets of Barcelona while taking selfies at the various monuments and historic landmarks, I felt a sense of uneasiness as the locals stared at me and made me feel as if I wasn’t welcomed in their historic city. I later learned that if people in Barcelona stare at other people it is because it is the cultural norm and not an expression of negative feelings. I can say that I learned not to always assume what I think is happening but instead put my biases aside and try to see the situation through the other individual’s point of view. It is important to put my biases aside, so that I am able to observe without having my assumptions interfere with the objective. I hope to learn even more about this city through my coming experiences in the next five weeks.

This the fountain of Church of St Felip Neri, where the Spanish Civil War took place and the church walls were damaged due to the bombing.

This is inside the Gothic Quarter, the center of old town Barcelona.

Place de Catalunya, a large square in central Barcelona and it is taken over by hundreds of fearless pigeons.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic, located outside the Museu D’art de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Plaza Espana, one the most important squares in Barcelona, and this was taken after our visit to the Museu D’art de Catalunya .

The statue of Antonio Gaudi, one of the most famous Catalan architects. It is located on Passeig de Manuel Girona in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia located on Carrer de Mallorca and Carrer de la Marina, designed by Antonio Gaudi.








Casa Mila, one of the many of Antonio Gauid’s designs, which has structures on top of the building that resemble the look of a knight.

Casa Batilo, another one of Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces located in the center of Barcelona.

Using my broken Spanish to ask this stranger outside of Casa Batilo to take a Selfie with me.