Doing both selfie projects at both Chicago and Barcelona was very interesting. Both cities had different feelings when visiting the city’s monuments. Even though Chicago is my home city, Barcelona definitely hit home and reminded me of my origins from Jerusalem. There are many differences when comparing Chicago’s and Barcelona’s monuments. To begin with, almost all of Barcelona’s monuments are connected with the city’s history in some way, for example, all of the Gothic Quarter relates to how Barcelona originated. As for Chicago’s monuments, they are mostly modern arts and sculptures from different artists. When I was going around the city to capture my selfies in Chicago, it made me feel silly that I have lived there for more than 13 years and never visited the monuments. Now, when I was taking my selfies at Barcelona, it felt as if I were roaming the city of Jerusalem. Many of Jerusalem’s architecture consists of Spanish architecture and some of the Roman style buildings. I was born and raised in Jerusalem and left to American when I was 11 years old. Walking through the Gothic Quarter had me speechless, strangely I felt that I was 8 years old again making my way through the Old City to go to school.

The Bean, Clouds Gate, Chicago.

Spanish architecture in the Gothic Quarter






Barcelona and Chicago have a major difference when it comes to the style of living, focusing on how each city’s neighborhood is structured. I will also include how the city of Jerusalem in the comparison since it is similar to Barcelona’s neighborhood. Even though all three cities have neighborhoods that have houses close to each other, Barcelona and Jerusalem feel extra warm and comfortable when it comes to my preferred living style. Living in Chicago is great, open space and privacy from others, but when it comes to living in Jerusalem or Barcelona, space is limited which creates more shared space with others. Sharing space with others builds better relationships with families, friends, neighbors, and anyone around you.

Lastly, since Barcelona has more compact neighborhoods and better connections within its’ people, that’s when everyone becomes united. Back in Chicago, we have more divide between some neighborhoods than here in Barcelona. Physical space makes a difference between people’s relationships, living closer together is the lifestyle I personally prefer