The selfie project: Barcelona edition was hard for a girl that still gets lost in the Physical Education Building of UIC that she’s had class in for 3 years now. I have never had a knack for directions so this assignment presented a wonderful opportunity to bond with other students on the program, or cling to the ones with Google Maps and cell phone data. I actually loved that most of the selfie locations were general areas. When traveling, I have a bad habit of going places without absorbing the names because I can rely on the people around me to plan and guide. However, looking at a destination’s name, finding it on a map, and using that same non-virtual map to get there was a refreshing break from my cellphone-dependent ways. The project instilled memory-recall of sections of Barcelona and their names (like La Rambla, Gothic Quarter, Place de Cataluyna) along with a chance to expand on new relationships.