Local produce and pharmacy stores are common and are set to be a few blocks within each other, making it accessible for locals to buy food and necessities within walking distance within their living space.

As I take selfies at Chicago and Barcelona, I noticed a few differences that drastically changes the way we decide our transportation methods. Although both Barcelona and Chicago is a city location, Barcelona’s land usage is more structured compared to Chicago. Exploring the streets of Barcelona, I find fresh produce, convenience store, and a pharmacy within minutes from my current location, giving an ease of access to all the items, while in Chicago, it takes me hours to buy fresh produce and necessities, setting individual time to shop for items using automotive transportation.

Trees fill flourish and fill the street, making destination walking more enjoyable.

Walking in Barcelona is also more enjoyable as the city is filled with trees in the streets and flowers from the balcony blends in with the unique Barcelona architecture. Chicago’s architecture is mostly boxed and made of glass, mirroring your surroundings as you walk along the concrete jungle. Also, with the buildings being built into big skyscrapers, no one would notice the beauty of Chicago’s giant structures as it strains the neck to look up when walking in close proprieties to the buildings.


Plazas are big and inviting as these two elderly gentlemen sit and have a conversion.

Barcelona is also structured having different plazas blocks within each other and close to every house. It is a place to socialize, or relax and enjoy the warm sun from sunrise to sunset. Some Most plazas have space or playgrounds to play in, and it is filled with benches.

Barcelona is also dog friendly! As I walk around the neighborhoods, I noticed well trained dogs following their owner without a leash! In Barcelona, plazas are dog friendly and clean for dogs to play in. With the parks being close to each other, going for a dog walk both helps the dog and you as physical activity is important to your health.

Comparing the few changes of Barcelona and Chicago, Barcelona is a pedestrian-friendly city that promotes health, physical activity, cleanliness, and scenery to enhance the walking experience.