Taking a selfie with a stranger, as he shows and teaches me a special form of juggling.

Traveling to Barcelona and exploring its’ iconic landmarks not only has given me the opportunity to get to know the city, but also gave me more confidence to try new things. As I was looking for a person to take a selfie with, I came across a man who was spinning two “S” staffs. Eager to learn how he spun the object in perfect circular form, I asked if he could teach me. Though my attempt was nothing compared to him, he was very encouraging and helpful. Taking a selfie with a stranger gives me a reminder to never be afraid of trying new experiences that interest you, and most importantly, not to be discourage of rejection.





Selfie at the Plaza de Catalunya, This location is a tourist center, providing a getaway from the chaotic shopping malls and tourist attractions.

A statue of Columbus pointing towards the sea, showing visitors his passion of sailing to the “New World”

Taking a selfie of the fountain located in front of Church of St. Felip Neri, where two aerial bombs landed and killed 42 lives, most of which were children.










Taking a selfie of one of the oldest neighborhoods of Barcelona, Gothic Quarters, displaying the history and art for everyone to explore.

A selfie next to the statue of the great Antoni Guadi, designing, creating, and spreading the Catalan architecture for people to see today.

Trying to capture the full building of Casa Batllo, I use the stairs of a subway entrance to take a selfie in this sunny location.











As I took my selfie at Casa Mila, I wished for a free entry to the rooftop.

Taking a selfie at the Arc di Triomf, a gateway to the historical 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition, and presently, the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella.

As I take a selfie at Cascade de la Cuitadella, I cannot help to admire the golden carriage and the greenery surrounding the pond.