The grape trees at the Vineyard.

We had our first excursion at The Vineyard and Olive Oil Factory just outside of the city of Barcelona. After being in Barcelona for five days, we got to see a different side of Spain where we met some amazing locals of Spain who made wine and Olive Oil. We took a bus early morning since our ride to the vineyard was an hour long. Our bus made its way out of the city, on to the highway surrounded by amazing view of mountains and landscape. Looking out the window, I gained a sense of relief from the city as I am used to living in quite, open suburban area in Illinois. Before going on this excursion, I knew very little about wine and olive oil. Therefore, I went with blank canvas to be painted at the vineyard and olive oil factory. Then after an hour our first stop was at the vineyard.

Immature grapes which will mature in September.


Alberto gave us the tour of his vineyard and taught us about how wine made in each region or country depends on its climate and altitude. I thought it was very interesting how the trees are cut to grow in “T” shape. I really loved Alberto’s enthusiasm during Wine excursion, at the restaurant and at the Olive oil factory. Alberto’s passion about sharing what he does kept me interested throughout the process.

One of the grape tree that has been cut to give “T” shape.

It was nice to see how Antonio and Alberto took pride in what they do. They were very happy to share their work with us and that’s what made this excursion more memorable. We don’t always get to do what we want to do. My dad was an electrician in India and he loved doing what he did for living. Today, he does not work as an electrician because when he immigrated to USA, his qualifications did not get transferred. He moved into a new country with his whole family. He was responsible to feed four other people and himself. Responsibilities made him work at many different locations but none of them were electric job. I know my dad would have loved to work as an electrician if he had the chance. One quote of my dad that I will always remember is “Listen to your heart, nothing is impossible.” This excursion has taught me the same. Antonio and Alberto do what they do because at one point they must have followed their heart.

Alberto enthusiastically explaining Olive oil process

The Old way of making olive oil at the old factory.