Olive Wine! (I Love Wine!)

Aging Cava in a cellar underground since 1996

Many people buy products just knowing that it came from some store or a factory. Many products do not get the appreciations they deserve such as we observed, wine and olive oil. Many people drink wine and don’t think where it came from and the passion behind making it. Our tour guide Albert explained to us step by step of how different wines are made. He explained to us that there are many factors in making different wines such as different grapes, weather, altitudes, light access, years fermenting, etc. Afterward, Albert explained how they make they wine, bottling and the shipping process. The last part of our wine tour was the tasting. We had a tasting of their Cava and Moscat wines and then it was off to our delicious lunch.

Winery Vinyard at El Penedès Wine Region.


Cave tasting after the wine tour


New, advanced machine to produce olive oil






Our next tour was about learning how olive oil is made. Our guide Antonio showed us how there are different ways to produce olive oil, old-fashioned way and the new way with a machine. He explained how the oil produced from both machines have two different tastes, the new machines’ oil has a bold lighter taste while the old machines’ oil has a sweet thicker taste.

The best part of both tours is seeing the passion that goes into those products. Both Albert and Antonio treat their businesses with such high respect. Albert explained to us how personally they treat their wines and make them organic, and how they export to their locals first before exporting to other consumers, showing how much they care about their community.The same thing Antonio explained to us about his olive oil, he sells to his locals before anyone else. Also, Antonio explained how he cares enough about his customers that he kept and is willing to produce olive oil the older way to keep the tradition alive.

Traditional stone press machine to produce olive oil.


The traditional way of pressing olive past and pressing it to filter out the olive oil.

Many people, including myself, have always thought that businesses just want to profit off customers. The wine and olive excursion has opened my eyes that there are many businesses that actually care deeply about their products and local customers. There is so much passion and love put into producing products we take for granted.