At last! It is time to reveal my inner tourist self. The second part of my selfie adventure takes place in Barcelona where I was able to blend in with all of the other nearly 9 million people who visit the city each year. Some side effects of touring the hotspots of Barcelona include bumping into all of the other tourists down La Rambla, getting lost in the Gothic Quarter maze, having your cell phone battery die from GPS overuse, evil pigeons, and awkward sandal tan lines from hours of walking. Still, hitting these many historic landmarks definitely fulfilled my experience as a tourist.

At the end of La Rambla stands the towering Columbus Monument, which commemorates the man who “discovered” the New World.

Taken at the Plaça de Catalunya, this photo captures the moment right before all of these pigeons flew in circles and came swarming at my face.

I met a friendly little girl in the Plaça de Catalunya who seemed to speak to the many pigeons taking over the plaza, seeing that she was carrying one of the little beasts on her arm.

In front of the Church of St. Felip Neri is a pretty little fountain where I found a beautiful newly-wed couple taking their wedding photos. Maybe one day, Tiffany. Maybe one day..

After a smooth bus ride to the other side of town, I met up with my dear friend (famous Catalan artist) Antoni Gaudí. We held hands, so I would say that things are getting pretty serious.

Just down the steps of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya lies the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, which unfortunately stopped spewing water by the time I got close enough to snap a photo.

On a bright sunny day, you cannot avoid bumping into the sea of tourists walking down La Rambla.

Behind me there extends one of the many narrow streets in the Gothic Quarter, a neighborhood which oozes history.

Plaça Espanya is hugged by the biggest, most impressive roundabout I have ever laid eyes on. If I were driving, I would just keep going in circles to admire the view.

Beach day! The weekend could not be celebrated better than by visiting the very busy beach in the Barceloneta neighborhood.