Hola from Barcelona!

I am finally here!  It is my turn to be a lost and confused tourist while I try to find my way around this beautiful city. The first thing a tourist looks for when visiting a new place is the symbolic attractions and learn about them. Today I visited nine attractions and met a fellow street performer. The first attraction I went to see was the statue of Antoni Gaudi and after roaming the city visiting many other attractions and ending my tour in front of Casa Batilo.

Statue of Antoni Gaudi

I have learned many things on my tour. Starting off with a little geography, the city of Barcelona is surrounded by mountains on the west and the Mediterranean Sea on the east meaning the city can only expand so much before running out of space. Therefore, some Barcelona attractions cannot be built in width, so they rise higher. Also, many of the attractions have a great history behind them, and all together they represent Barcelona.

Columbus Monument, this statue was constructed in 1888 in honor of Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the America’s

Although I enjoyed every attraction I visited, a few of them struck me more than others. The Columbus Monument is such a majestic monument because of the story behind it and the number of detailed sculptures it contains.

Barcelona is a city with many streets performers, varying from dressing up to creating giant bubbles! I had come across a performer who was at the Barcelona Zoo in Parc de la Ciutadella.

Selfie with a stranger, a performer at the zoo.

Also in the Zoo, I stopped at Cascade de la Ciutadella, absolutely one of my favorite scenes! The whole scenery as you can see seems like it is from a magical and historical era.

Cascade de la Ciutadella



La Rambla was definitely a street to remember. To begin with, the whole street was covered with trees on both sides, creating a path of shade and natural beauty.


La Rambla




And at the heart of Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya is a very lively square in the middle of Barcelona where there are many different stores and restaurants.


Plaça de Catalunya


Arc di Triomf, was built in 1888 as the main access gate for the Barcelona World Fair.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic in front of the MNAC, I wish it was powered on at the time of the photo was taken.









Casa Batlló is a renowned building located in the center of Barcelona and is one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces

Gothic Quarter, Statue of the Defenders