I look so uncomfortable taking this selfie

In Chicago, I went to a certain landmark because I knew them. I had an idea of what they stood for and a schema of it was more than likely pre-existing. I felt awkward taking selfies, and in just about every one of them, I am not smiling or I look uncomfortable. I lacked motivation to get the selfies done and the confidence to execute a proper picture. The idea of feeling like a tourist in my own city was hard to grasp. Though there were new landmarks that I saw, I was familiar with the location, people, and lifestyle. In between locations, I would check social medias and have conversations with my bestfriend about what we were going to do afterward. I had no legitimate reason to pay attention to downtown Chicago when traveling. However, at the time I did have one realization, I did not have proper walking shoes. I relied so much on vehicles for transportation that I limited the amount of time I walk. By the end of my selfie Chicago project, my feet were aching.

I thought I would be the only super senior on the trip.

I traveled thousands of miles and I have arrived in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve experienced so much in just a short time. I’ve come to realize Chicago was like a single brick in the house. I had only grown to know that single brick, with the exception of few others. Barcelona is another brick of a different house 4,398 mi miles away. I am unfamiliar with the location, people, and lifestyle, and it’s overwhelming. I always thought that I would have these experience with someone I knew, like one of my best friends. Having someone close like that allows for the trip to be more calming.  As I walked to landmarks here, I refused to be on my phone because of the unfamiliar waters I was in. it has been one my greatest decisions thus far. I am able to really appreciate what the Catalan culture stands for. Though I have only been here a week. My perception about a lot of things has slowing changed.  For starters, I better understand the importance of having good walking shoes. Without them, I wouldn’t survive the excursions. Secondly, I actually look like I am not uncomfortable taking these pics. My mood has changed for the better. Furthermore, being able to take these pictures with everyone else, allows for time to get to know each other. I’ve come to realize that I am in the same boat as everyone else.  It’s calming to know that we are all experiencing similar things differently.