If you have not caught on by my posts already, this program is active! Today, our excursion led us to Costa Brava. Some may argue, like me, that it is the most beautiful and serene place they’ve been too. We trekked 8 miles along the coast going up and down the hills, climbing among rocks, and even stopping for a swim in the magnificent, transparent water. Afterwards, we ended our day by sailing in a boat from 1915. This day was vital to our program and connecting what we are learning inside the classroom for physical activity, and even mental health. The students reflected back that this was the most they have felt at peace and free in over a year. They were able to self-reflect and overcome challenges. They also discussed how they would be able to transfer the wisdom they have gained here, to Chicago. They were left pondering the question: how will we put these experiences to use back home? Or how can we feel this level of peace and serenity and be able to self-reflect when we return home?