Can you name the last time you wandered around your city/block? The last time hunger limited your performance in accomplishing a task?

Shady side streets of Gothic Quarter

This week we were given a map with a route and a mission: photograph assigned areas. Level of difficulty: Medium. Making our way through the narrow streets and the multitude of wide plazas we found difficulty in navigating, asking for directions and battling hangeriness.

Hangeriness: noun 

1. Frustration and anger caused by hunger.

Relating back to the Mood and Movement part of the program, I can confidently state that one clearly, EVIDENTLY effects the other. The hangier Melyssa, Brittany, Paulina and I became, the less motivated we became to move. The heat evaporated many of our motivating juices as well. Only until we ate that delicious Spanish pizza with cold white wine did I become rejuvenated.

Treading our way though the Gothic Quarter

And so what? Why does this matter? Don’t we all know that a lack of food will result in temper tantrums and foul mood? Yes. But after our reflection and our session with Pep, a phenomenal speaker that came to our class, what really hit me was that millions of people live in disastrous circumstances where lack of nutrition is critical.

Photos credits: Melyssa Pham Exploring the fresh market at Santa Caterina Market

I have the privilege to roam the streets of Barcelona as a part of my education and my hunger was partly voluntary. My day was planned and I came back to the apartment knowing that there awaited even more fresh and nutritious food. Not everyone is that lucky. Not in Barcelona, not in Spain, not in America, and definitely not in Chicago. Gaining knowledge and skills to analyze how each component of the program, Mood, Movement, and Diet interact is allowing me drop previous notions about people’s life situations and their decisions. My job here is to enjoy all the hotness Barcelona has to offer but also preparing myself to serve those less fortunate than I in the future. GOAL: Strive toward substituting hangriness for happiness.


1. the quality or state of being happy.

2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.