As I entered week 2 of the Mood, Movement, and Mediterranean Diet program it became apparent that walking will be my best friend as it is a huge part of completing my projects.  I mean, this project is literally called “Walking Barcelona!”  First, I was assigned to walk a predetermined route precisely, no shortcuts or detours, and had to stop at the locations given to us. Even with a structured route I still found us getting a bit lost, but then I would be surprised when the location we were standing at while trying to get our bearings was actually where we were supposed to be. It goes to show that having a carefully constructed plan can still lead to going off-path, which can also lead to discovery.

The University of Barcelona, Catalonia. This area is mixed with locals and tourists. There are many methods of accessing this area.

The second session had us in pairs instead of large groups and it was semi-structured.  I was to explore my area around a circle drawn on the map.  It did not matter which streets I chose, as long as they were near the circle. I found this structure to be more relaxed because not only did I have more control over what route to choose, but I also had only one person with me instead of multiple.  I was able to take in what was around me and explore hidden areas since there was not a strict direction to follow. I have been modeling my life like this more often, having a general direction but allowing myself to explore other options.

Rambla de los Estudios, Catalonia. It is a haven for tourists. I felt like I could not stop for anything.

Antic Hospital De La Santa Creu, Catalonia. This was a serene area where everyone was relaxed. It is quite hidden, but that makes it a gem.