Statue of a thinking Ox on the corner of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and Rambla de Catalunya is a great interpretation of how I felt on the second day.

My fifth project ‘Walking Barcelona’ was broken up into two segments; the first being given a structured route with set locations to follow, and the second segment was having a semi-structure route. After ten days of being here I started to realize how annoying the constant flow of tourists walking around really is and therefore I was already dreading the process. On the first portion of the project I was very goal driven to reach each location within the short amount of time that I did not really get to enjoy the process. On the other hand walking through the neighborhoods of Barcelona with no purpose ,with the idea of observing the environment was relaxing and in a way eye opening. I found myself observing how¬†laissez-faire most people were walking around compared to most people back home in Chicago, and its interesting that most individuals take in their surroundings instead of looking at their phone while walking. It not only allows for an opportunity for personal connection with the environment, but also it is less dangerous. While continuing the second portion of the project with my partner Asha, we got lost and made our way into a developing protest of union workers. This specific moment has enhanced my awareness to realize that if we would have stayed on the route we made for ourselves we would have not come across a group of protesters fed up with the government. Overall this project helped me see that it is okay to stop and smell the roses every once in a while, by observing my surroundings.

Our final location to observe was the Placa de Catalunya right outside our CEA building.

Asha and I passed by a group union workers protesting on Via Laietana