We almost got lost looking for Old Santa Creu Hospital.

How assured does someone feel when they have their future planned? It has been ingrained in me to know my goals and how to get there. I grew up learning to map out my route to get to my destination. I have always followed the path that I drew out for myself, but I have never been lost until last semester.

Found this art on the wall of Museu Can Framis. A form of art that has been part of my identity for a long time; Dance.

During Spring semester, I had to make a choice that was very difficult for me. I wanted to be a dentist for years. Everyone in my family knew what was I going to do after my undergrad. I had all the classes planned out. I knew when was I going to take my DAT and I had a schedule made to prepare me for it.  Apart from that, I even had researched on when to apply at which dental school. Then, I decided to drop all my plans of being a dentist in spring semester. I had to convince myself to accept that it was not what I want to do. I kept questioning my decision and at many times I have thought about getting back on my designated outline to be a dentist. Especially Since I am a dental hygienist that seemed the easy and safe path. I have always known what I will be doing next, it was hard to accept that I don’t have anything planned out for the future.

Ventured out of our given perimeter and we found this. This was an electric car charger just sitting on the side street.

The activity that we did on Monday and Wednesday have calmed the battle inside me.  We were given maps with a route to follow on Monday. Our task was to follow the perimeter of the circle drawn on the map. This activity has taught me to not be too strict on the route and allow myself to explore. It is OK to get lost and not know the next step.

I have learned that taking chances may lead me to a better place. If I had stayed on my scheduled plan than I would have never been in Barcelona to study abroad. I will never be afraid to take chances in the future.