Being in a new city with many intricate alleyways, it is easy to get lost. Getting lost in Barcelona was a perfect stepping stone for me to grow as individual because every path I choose to go down is a risk I have to take.  

Stepping into Passeig del Born after navigating and getting lost through the Cuitat Vella was satisfying along with the pizza we had for lunch.

Taking risks is not something I normally do. I am terrified that the mistakes I make from taking a chance will result in a negative outcome. Not following the map, turning the wrong way, getting lost were risks that could have led to a bad outcome, but it never came. I trusted myself, my partner, and the choices we made together to reach our final destination. From this experience, I learned the little mistakes do not matter because in the end, I will get to where I am going.

Kasia, Brittany, Paulina, and I stumbled on these cute and colorful party banners trying to figure out our location but turns out we were exactly where we should have been, Carders Street.

Reaching my destination had reassured this self-confidence within myself. Because of that experience, I am comfortable exploring new places and accepting whatever happens, happens because I know that eventually I will end up where I need to be. Where I want to be later in life is at a physical therapy clinic helping others in need. I do not know the exact path on how or when I will get there, but all I know is I am going to seize the opportunities given everyday because I want to be able to connect to people through my experiences.

My partner and I decided the corner of Carrer de la Marina and Carretera Antiga de Martaro would be the official start of our walking adventure. Photo Credit: Kelly Smith






Featured Image Photo Credit: Kelly Smith