After hikingMontserrat on Monday, Tuesday’s class was reflection based. What was supposed to be a short think-pair-share, turned into a whole class discussion on what the hike meant for each student personally and academically. This created the opportunity for students to understand one another and connect through similar and different experiences. This was a great segway into our class on Wednesday which was based on mental health. Students were given readings and slide decks over one of six categories (1) Social Influences on Exercise (2) Physical Activity Interventions (3) Stress and Exercise (4) Anxiety and Exercise (5) Depression and Exercise and (6) Emotional Wellbeing and Exercise. They met with their groups and created posters based on the readings and their previous knowledge. They wrote about two things: how much they know and what they know. Their presentations lead straight into our next class session which was a case study on mental health on college campuses.

The student’s posters of the six categories of mental health and exercise.

After a four-day weekend, the students returned on Monday to continue the discussion on mental health. After a short class, the students were given instructions for a market project and were given the rest of the day to themselves. Many opted to stay in the classroom for a writing workshop led by John. This workshop gave time for the students to review, edit, and improve their blogs. If you haven’t already, check them out here! Tuesday morning, the students were off early in the morning to start and finish their market project before class at 1pm. You can view their project details and completed work here. After group presentations, I led a case study on the issues arising on college campuses of mental health. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in depression and suicide ideation among students in college. The students were given the task to create a plan to improve the well-being of students on campus based on a needs survey, and it must be able to be enacted the next academic year.  The students were then given 7 minutes to present their ideas and plans as a panel with time after for questions. If you have not noticed, the students have presented finished work in almost every class. One of the outcomes of this program has been for students to learn that you can start and complete an appropriately sized project in a day’s time.

I’m heading to our castelliers workshop and signing off for now, but check back soon for more updates from our Barcelona classroom!