Brittany and showing off our gear at the beach where we had lunch. I have to admit, the backpack was heavier than it looks!

A few weeks ago, I hiked eight miles up the coast of Barcelona. (Check out what we did in my YouTube video!) Growing up, I traveled many times with my parents and siblings. The one common theme in our vacations besides our love for the sun, sand, and sea was that my parents were always prepared. Sunblock in the suitcase? Check. Extra set of clothes in your carry-on? Check. Snacks in my mom’s purse? Check. Carrying spare supplies in a bag has been instilled in me. I like having reassurance that if something goes wrong, I have something that can make the situation a little better. So the night before our adventure, Brittany and I packed her large hiking backpack. Everyone had made fun of us for carrying such a large bag!  

For five hours, I hiked with heavy load on my back, but I never once regretted my choice to carry it. Several times on our eight mile journey, the weight on my shoulders got lighter. I had a couple of incidences where the things I packed in my bag helped somebody else in group. I carried two large water bottles and stayed close to Brittany on our climb, just in case was thirsty or needed anything she packed. My extra change of clothes came in handy when someone in my group needed a pair of shorts. Everyone cut themselves on the rocks and sea urchins lurking in the water at the beach and luckily I packed a first aid kit stocked with an abundant number of band-aids

My experience at Costa Brava had reminded me of why I want to be a physical therapist. I love helping people and it is what I want to do for a living. The satisfaction I get knowing I made someone’s day a little better is so rewarding. I was willing to assist in anyway I can to help them reach our destination, even if it was just giving a band-aid away. As a physical therapist, I hope to do the same as I did on the Costa Brava hike. I would like to the support the people around me and help them achieve their goals. I know in one point in a physical therapy rehabilitation program, everyone has their struggles and can feel hopeless just like the Costa Brava hike. I know because I have been there. I cried the first few weeks of my ACL rehabilitation sessions and felt devastated I could not do the things I used to be able to. I overcame my low point because my physical therapist, Kelly, was supporting me every step of the way. She is the reason I chose to go down the PT route. I hope to do the same as Kelly did, helping people get through their tough times and being supportive every step of the way. I want the people around me whether it is my peers, future coworkers and patients to know that I have their back and I am willing to help carry their load.