On Wednesday we started the day early to head out of town to the dairy farm, La Selvatana. La Selvatana is a family farm that produces organic milk, cheese, and yogurt from cows that are able to graze the pasture. They sell their yogurt to schools throughout the Girona province and sell the milk and cheese at local markets and on their farm. We were able to taste all three and they were quite delicious! As we toured the farm, Anna explained to the students the time and process it takes to produce their products. While many organic farms are closing or turning into mass production farms, Anna explained why it is so important to them to maintain their organic, family-run farm.

After the dairy farm, we made our way to lunch and then the apiculture center, Casa de les Abelles. Here, Ramone explained the importance of bees. As he explained it they are the “most important species to exist.” This took the students full-circle as bees assist plants in reproduction, many animals eat plants, and most people eat animal products. Without bees, Ramone says there would be no life. Take a look below to see the photos from this fantastic experience.