The striking blues and greens of the water are unforgettable

One of the many secluded beaches we passed by on our hike

At home I feel overcommitted and spread too thin. My days are a continuous cycle of checking off as much as I can in a to-do list until I fall asleep only to wake up and repeat. I’m constantly squeezing as much as I can into tiny pockets of time and convincing myself that I like keeping busy, that I like this lifestyle. I’m never really present because my mind is always on what’s next. I think I like it because my brain is so focused on the superficial that it doesn’t have time to wander. Maybe constantly filling my free time is a coping mechanism to ignore places within myself that are hard to open. With wandering comes a deeper analysis of life and of myself. With wandering comes possibility for discontent of the path I’m on and the trajectory I want to follow. Therefore, with wandering comes the need for changing what’s comfortable and easy.

A beautiful beach off the fisherman’s town of Costa Brava


The Rafael where I was taught how to steer a sailboat

While on this trip and especially while on the excursions I get lost within my mind. I am stress-free and whole-heartedly invested in my surroundings, devoted to the present. My constant stressors at home are so far away and time seems insignificant. I’m free to unlock the seemingly untouchable unknowns in my mind and think.


Costa Brava was breath-taking and beautiful. Every time I try to describe the scenic views, I am at a loss for words.  Descriptions and pictures just don’t do it justice, you had to be present. Along the 8.5 mile hike I had a connection between my body and my mind like never before. Walking through trails to reach secluded beaches and having the opportunity to swim in crystal clear water made me feel free. Hiking, swimming, and sailing in Costa Brava made me feel like my life is limitless and settling for what feels comfortable is out of the question. If I could accomplish all that in one day, imagine what I’m capable of in the next few years.

The crystal clear water of the Mediterranean that we were swimming in

Midway through our hike I captured this photo to show how far we had already trekked along the coast.

Costa Brava added fuel to the fire that is my passion for living. I re-thought a lot while physically wandering along the coast and mentally wandering along my comfort zones. I am going to challenge myself to find ways to incorporate these journeys with the same stress-free characteristics back at home. If I return to Chicago and jump back into the same pace of life that I am used to then this post and these feelings are meaningless because they’re temporary. Now that Costa Brava is over I need to fill my life with other emotionally spiritual events to build off this one in order to reach my true potential with maximal happiness.