Whenever I am alone, I find myself going into deep thought, thinking about anything that comes to my mind, and always finding a meaning to all my experiences. The excursion of Costa Brava was a very eye-opening experience. Though I have hiked through trails in the states. I have never explored an area so pure and preserved.

Using the striped signs to follow the trail to our destination.

Our hike began in a twisted, winding trail. I loved the peacefulness of nature, the blazing sunlight beaming past the thick green trees, piercing my skin with a warm, soothing feel.


Walking down the winding path, I noticed the white and red stripes, shaped as an “=” sign, were painted on the landscapes. Layla, our tour guide, explained that the stripes represented the official pathway so people who hike the trail do not get lost.

Capturing the colorful scene of the shoreline. I was amazed to see the crystal clear water and the shallow rocks shine.



Eventually, we took a detour. The path was mostly uneven and rocky as we hiked down the path. We come across a beautiful beach, clear aqua color gleaming in the sunlight. I have never seen water so clear in my life, as if I was looking at wallpaper, dreaming of one day being able to visit a place so pure and beautiful. This made me feel like I could go anywhere in the world as if nothing was blocking my path to my destination.

Taking the detoured path to the beach, showing the reward of going off road.

We finally stopped to eat lunch, rest, and relax at a private beach. Excited to get to the water, I rush to the shore and swam to the nearest rocky island. Despite the scratches I got from tripping on the slippery rocks and the salty water splattering in my face, I felt so much freedom as I looked out into the infinite sea full of water. I felt so rejuvenated from the long hike and had so much energy to do more.

Leaving the beach, we continued the journey. Walking on the shoreline, I loved the sound of the water crashing into the rocks, making the walk more peaceful and soothing.

The path eventually led us to an uphill battle. It was a difficult hike, but with encouragement from the group, we were all able to get to the top of our destination.

Facing the uphill, uneven terrain. Though it looks intimidating, it is a path that everyone has to eventually take.

Marking of how far we were from the entrance. I think of this as a checkpoint of how far we have come to where we started as we get closer to our destination.












From this trip, I learned a few life lessons. I first learned that in a journey of achieving your goals, you will eventually get to your destination. The second lesson relates to a quote by Neale Donald Walsch, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

In life, there will be obstacles and detours that will come across your path. In the end, you will eventually accomplish your goal so you should not be afraid to take different paths. Choosing to take the detours will give you more exciting experiences that only a few will experience, making you more original and authentic. I also learned that no one is ever alone. There will always be someone to help you and encourage you to get to your goals. The Costa Brava excursion has given me the confidence and courage to follow my own path and aim for greatness.

Sometimes, the end result is unclear, and you are unable to see the whole picture. Taking chances can clear your path.