even though my face is cover with sunglasses and a hat, this picture still manages to show how overwhelmed I am.

This image shows the start of our journey up the Monserrat Mountain range.

Hiking Montserrat Natural Park was no easy accomplishment. Our task was to hike the mountain up to The Monastery of Montserrat.  When heat is combined with the increase in altitude, it puts a lot of strain on the body. Upon arrival, I was feeling overwhelmed that we were going to attempt to hike. However, at that point, I decided to take the bull by its horns. I know I am not the most physically fit person, and I was really discouraged when we started hiking. To combat my pessimism, I repeatedly told myself, “I can do this, it’s just a walk in the park “. There were many times during the hike, that I felt overwhelmed and close to defeat. When I was hiking I also texted my dad to tell him what I was doing. To his surprise, he couldn’t believe I was actually hiking the mountain and said: “you’re too lazy to go through with that”.  Though my dad’s text messages were funny, I knew I had to prove him wrong.  Right around the halfway point of the hike, I ran out of water. Though I knew I had brought enough, didn’t rationalize the water.  The scenery that I saw during the hike reminded me of images in national geographic. However, experiences them in person is way different.  If I were to read about this in a book, I wouldn’t think much of it. Being able to see the mountain range in person and touching these plant unique to the range is amazing.  Its breathing taking because then and there I knew that nowhere else in the world is there the same range, scenery or experience.

along the hike, we would stop to enjoy views of the mountain range. this is one of them.

I took a selfie to show how far we have come. However, it also shows a change in my mood.

this image shows the Monastery of Montserrat from afar. a 10-minute hike further away showed a better view of what we hiked .

this picture shows the Monastery of Montserrat. it was also our final destination.

As I arrived at the end of our hike, the feeling of hiking a mountain is something indescribable. I felt on top of the world. I was self-aware of my capability. However, by motivating myself, I was able to triumph.  Normally, I’m not the type of person to motivate myself in such a way. I’m the type to not push myself to exceed in exercising. Yet, this time it was different. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  I tried to lead the hike for most of the time because this was a challenge against myself.  Through motivating myself on this hike, I can apply a lot of what I learned to do different things.  When I face a challenge that I feel I cannot complete, all I need is little motivation from myself.  There will always someone who thinks you cannot get a task done.  If I think can’t do it then I’m hindering myself. Believing in myself can change the direction of the paths I can take.it can open new doors that weren’t able to be open through being pessimistic. our finish line was at the Monastery of Montserrat. it was really rewarding being able to hear the choir. I understood why people travel from all around the world to see them sing.