Study Abroad 2017

Tales from Barcelona

Wine Not? Olive this Excursion!

Going into our first excursion, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew nothing about wine and olive oil production, which made me more aware of how removed I am from the foods that I consume regularly. After a scenic ride through the Penedès region, the first stop was...

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A Monumental Adventure Through Barcelona

I don't think I have ever visited so many monuments in such a short time period!  Seeing so much of the history, culture, and beauty of Barcelona through its landmarks alone was eye-opening.  The way I had to go about visiting these locations forced me to become a...

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You are what you eat, so why not add some wine?

Many of us often wonder what is put into what we consume, right? After a spending a day with wine and olive oil producers in their respective lands in the Penedés Region, we saw how much more is added to what Barcelona is fed: dedication, perseverance, and intrinsic...

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