A month ago I wrote the first post about the opportunity we had to work with the Piranha Triathlon Club (PTC).

Me reviewing the mental game plan a triathlon.

Me reviewing the mental game plan for a triathlon.

Since that time, so much has happened! Assisted by Arin Weidner and helped by Liz Torres we succeeded in providing feedback to 100 club members who responded to a mental skills self-assessment survey and a hydration questionnaire. 78 individuals completed the mental skills survey and we responded individually to each person providing them with feedback and designing the educational delivery to match the needs of club members.

Workshop education delivery: PTC.Sport Psychology Workshop.4

The workshops were well attended at the Maldron Hotel in Dublin. We made the Wednesday workshop sessions friendly, open, interactive, practical and we learned it helped to use an iterative, simple and purposeful approach. I visited training to provide a 2 hour post training consultation opportunity at the (PTC) Saturday training site. I was able to answer questions, learn more about the club and its members and get a view of how folks operate. Like many triathletes elsewhere, the PTC members were super friendly, trained very hard and shared their knowledge easily.

Arin got to lead two relaxation skills sessions and Liz developed and presented a basic introduction to hydration based off of the survey mentioned above. Liz received a month’s PTC triathlon membership valued at 113 Euros which allowed her to train and participate very seriously over the last month. Liz (check out Liz’s posts to learn more about her experiences) provided her presentation about hydration as a “give back” to the PTC.

Overall, we gave about about 30 hours of service to the PTC. In return we received new experiences, made new friends and created opportunities for ourselves to engage more deeply with one section of Ireland’s sport community.

PTC Board Member, Bernard thanking Rin, Liz and me for our service.

PTC Board Member, Bernard thanking Arin, Liz and me for our service.

Our PTC liaison was Phil Sykes. Phil just this week completed the European Championship course with a calf strain. Well done Phil! Without Phil’s work on the ground in Dublin before and during our stay, none of the above could have happened. Phil was our contact; he gave us insight, guidance and a ride home. Thank you Phil!